A Journey through the Beatitudes – Week 6

Jun 30, 2020

Martin Lloyd Jones introduces this week’s beatitude (Matthew 5:8) by stating:

We have now come to what is undoubtedly one of the greatest utterances to be found anywhere in the whole realm of Holy Scripture.  Anyone who realizes even something of the meaning of the words, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God, can approach them only with a sense of awe and of complete inadequacy.  

Why would he make such a statement as this?  Let the weight of this text rest on you as you meditate on its truth.  What will it be like to see God?  How has God made us pure?  Why does he stress the heart?  Let these questions guide you this week.

Additional Reading:

Isaiah 40; Revelation 4, 5, 21, 22