Hope for Appalachia

Hope for Appalachia

In 2015, several members of Randolph Street began a 501(c)(3) organization focused on the addiction issue in Appalachia from a distinctly Christ-centered perspective. Currently, we have three programs serving our region.

Children’s Resource Center (CRC)

Children in Appalachia are suffering and experiencing neglect as a result of parents and guardians battling addiction. In 2020, Hope for Appalachia launched this new program designed to address this issue and to provide care and support to children who were experiencing neglect. The CRC provides short-term emergency relief by providing these children essential needs for living. We are partnering with local schools, after school programs, police departments and local churches to identify and serve these children.

Transitional Living Program (TLP)

Our TLP is a residential program aimed at helping men and women move from addiction recovery back into a faithful and responsible life. Recovery from addiction is a difficult path that requires months of perseverance and hard work. Part of recovery is developing a path forward, setting goals and taking steps toward responsibility and faithfulness. Our TLP comes alongside these individuals to assist and support them toward these goals.

Outreach Program

Hope for Appalachia is dedicated to continued support of men and women who are still in active addiction but unwilling or unable to enter into a recovery program. We provide ongoing counsel, support and seek to connect them to existing community support systems.

Learn more about Hope For Appalachia by visiting www.hopeforappalachia.org. If you would like to contribute or get more information about this ministry, please contact Erin Flanagan at erin@hopeforappalachia.org.